Consulting Solutions

As a Partner with gunnercooke LLP, a professional services firm, all my consulting engagements are delivered through the firm

Management Consultancy

Step 1

Full range of business growth, transformation and M&A support available

Operating Partners

Step 1

Experienced business leaders available for interim, NED and general consulting roles

Legal Support

Step 3

Full corporate and commercial legal support through over 200 experienced lawyers


Step 4

121 support available to help you through both business & personal challenges



t: +44 (0) 7885 957274


Executive Search & Interim Management

As founder and Lead Partner in the Transformation Practice, all executive search and interim opportunities are delivered via Thompson Wright Partners

Interim Project Resourcing

Step 1

All of our interim resources have deep knowledge and real-world experience in their chosen field and offer relevant, pragmatic advice on Strategy, Change & Transformation, Operational Effectiveness and People Enablement

Executive Search

Step 1

TWP works hard to establish long-term partnerships with clients, providing them with access to the best talent available in the market.

We strive to fully understand the market in which you operate, your business, the challenges you are facing and your requirements in order for us to deliver the right people at the right time. The secret to our success isn’t just in the identification of the right individuals but ensuring the ‘fit’ is right.




m: +44 (0) 7885 957274


Direct Support to Implement the
C.O.S.T Optimisation Formula


A Step by Step approach that you can quickly adopt to realise real value, real soon. Delivered via 6 live webinars, a 90 minute 121 strategy session, along with access to a range of proven tools and unlimited online support, you will have everything you need to apply the C.O.S.T. Optimisation Formula in your Company.


Within the Academy, I work with your team consistently over a six month period to help them build the skills required for your Procurement function to become a world-class performer and apply them to deliver both short term impact and long term sustainable value to your Company.

The C.O.S.T. Optimiser Programme has been over 15 years in the making.

It is the culmination of extensive research and practical application across hundreds of organisations, throughout the globe.

The four core elements of the C.O.S.T. Optimisation Formula might appear to be self explanatory and obvious. However, I'm amazed by the number of organisations that don't understand the importance of all four elements and that it is the compounding effect of all four that delivers value.

Whether you work with me in the Bootcamp, the Academy,  I will ensure that you and your team never fall into the trap that so many companies do - to focus on just one or two of the core elements.

All of my programmes cover off the six modules of the C.O.S.T. Optimiser Programme, providing you with a detailed approach proven to help you implement the four core elements.

So, whether you're just starting out in your search for hidden value across your firm, or indeed looking to maximise the returns from your historic activities, then I know with absolute certainty that our approach to C.O.S.T. Optimisation can and will be invaluable to you.


Free materials to get you started with the C.O.S.T. Optimisation Formula

The Book

Download a free copy of my Book, to learn more about the proven four stage approach that will deliver greater value to your organisation, both short and over the longer term

The 3 Part Video Series

Right now, there are organisations and finance leaders pulling their hair out in frustration because ‘promised’ savings just haven’t materialised. 

Join the growing number of people that are seeing real benefits, really quickly by adopting the C.O.S.T Optimisation Formula.

The Diagnostic Tool

If 75% of all Procurement initiatives FAIL to deliver the forecasted value, don't you think you should know the risk of not hitting your targets. 

Complete an initial diagnostic to better understand the potential for your organisation


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