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Do you need a Trump Card?

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Do you need a Trump Card?

Procurement is often misunderstood. Colleagues who don’t really know what you do, often think you are responsible for purchasing. Yes, this does come under the umbrella of your job description. However, they often fail to realise that you are responsible for improving performance across the business.

To improve businesses performance, change is often necessary. And, this change is driven by you, in Procurement. Driving change is a tough task. People are uneasy about change; they don’t know what effect it will have on them.

How the change is handled will determine if the project will be a success or failure.

Choosing your candidate

Just as you in procurement feel that change is needed, America also felt that change was needed, and they voted for it, in the form of Donald Trump.

In, my 6 stage Change Accelerator program, I state from the outset that the main reason organisations fail to deliver change is a lack of governance across the change process. To ensure control and governance you need clear leadership and a focussed strategy for change.

Clear leadership has to come from the top executive team. I question; can any member of the executive team implement this control and governance. Or, do you need to find the Trump card?

How to identify the Trump card

The Trump card is the person who has the ability to create a captivating vision for the future, a vision that people are able to buy into, somebody who can rally the troops (colleagues in your case).

Identifying the Trump card should be an easy task. Would you have difficulty finding Donald Trump in a crowded room? Probably not!

If you are not sure, though, look for somebody who is:

  • Adjusted: they don’t appear to get anxious or nervous. They are able to stay calm under pressure and make rational decisions. They take everything in their stride and deal with things as they arise. Most importantly they don’t have set rules on the way things should be handled. They are able to adapt their ideas to achieve the desired fit.
  • Motivated: they have the drive to get the desired change implemented. Someone who is motivated often has the ability to inspire or influence others. This is one of the most important characteristics to look for in your Trump card. As we mentioned earlier, people are nervous of change. So, if you can find someone who fully believes in the ‘change’ they will also be able to convince others of it as well.
  • Imaginative: they are inquisitive and are keen to know all the facts. This person will also be insightful and resourceful. They are able to think ‘outside of the box’ and think of an alternative and creative solution.
  • Poised: they have a self-assured manner. This person is seen as somebody who has an air of control about them. They will be able to go into meetings and stay in control of their and others behaviour. They will also be able to voice their opinions in a non-threatening tone.

It becomes more complicated to identify your Trump card if more than one person displays these characteristics. In that case, avoid people who also display the following:

  • Interpersonal sensitivities: they are not sensitive to other people’s feeling, thoughts or concerns. This persons’ approach to dealing with people is by being direct and at times abrupt. Somebody with this characteristic can easy alienate people. This is not what you want to happen. For the implemented change to be successful, it is imperative that people understand and believe in the results that the change will bring.
  • Colourful in character: sometimes described as eccentric. They may be very sociable and likeable but have a tendency to be a loose cannon.

As I mentioned earlier, in my 6 stage Change Accelerator, the second part of control and governance is aligning a ‘focused strategy for change’. Somebody who is colourful in character can make a good first impression but can be very difficult to work. They can easily loose focus and can be unpredictable in what they say and do.

Do you need a Trump card?

In summary, the American people have chosen Donald Trump as a catalyst for their accelerator of change. How successful he will be, only time will tell. He will, in turn, however have to choose his own Trump card(s) to help him instil this change. Even Donald Trump can’t do it all on his own.

As Henry Ford said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.

My opinion is that everybody in Procurement should have a Trump card. Choosing the right member of the executive team to be the Tump card is the most important factor.

Shun failure by choosing the right Trump card for the project!